Historic Preservation Commission

The Peapack and Gladstone Historic Preservation Commission was created in an effort to better document the history of the Borough. The Commission gathers, catalogs and stores photos, clippings and historical memorabilia donated by residents and friends. General displays and programs are held each year. If you have a part of the borough history you would like to display or are interested in joining the Commission please call 234-2250 for more information.


January 14
February 25
April 8
May 20
June 24
September 9
October 21
December 2

Meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. in the Municipal Complex.


  • Pat Delaney - Chairman
  • Donna Gemme Brooten - Vice Chairman
  • Lori Carrabba - Secretary
  • Luke Sladicka
  • William Muller - Mayor
  • Lawrence Nagy
  • Amy Dietrich - Council Rep
  • John C. Smith
  • William Horton

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