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Following two days of suspension, crews will be working overtime to return to normal schedule. Residents asked to put out bins one day before adjusted schedule and leave out until picked up.

Somerville, NJ – Due to the severe winter storm, Somerset County curbside recycling scheduled for Monday, Feb. 1 and Tuesday, Feb 2 were suspended resulting in a disruption to the normal schedule. Somerset County Recycling crews will be working overtime and over the weekend to finish suspended routes and are expected to return to the normal schedule early next week.

“Winter Storm Orlena dropped a record amount of snow on Somerset County, and unfortunately the impassable roads and declared State of Emergency resulted in our suspension of recycling pickups,” said Commissioner Melonie Marano, Public works liaison. “Our great recycling team is committed to doing more than a day’s work every day this week and into the weekend so we can catch up and get back on schedule mid-next week.”

The chart below illustrates the expected time recycling crews will arrive in each community, but it is possible crews could arrive a day earlier. Residents are asked to put their recycling bins on the curbside 24 hours prior in case crews are able to get to their neighborhood sooner than expected. Bins should be left by the curb until they are emptied. North Plainfield and Green Brook residents should place their bins curbside on Friday evening as crews may arrive on Saturday, Feb. 6.

Crews will begin service Wednesday morning in the areas scheduled for Feb. 1 – Bernards and parts of Franklin – and in order to move closer to the regular schedule move on to neighborhoods scheduled for Feb. 2 to finish out the day. On Thursday they will finish the routes scheduled for Feb. 2, and move on to areas scheduled for Feb. 3. By doing more than is scheduled for any individual day and working over the weekend, the normal schedule is expected to be restored by Feb. 10.

Residents on streets that are not plowed or are impassable are asked to remove their bins from curbside and hold them for their next scheduled pickup.

Residents in communities regularly scheduled for pickup the week of Feb. 8 should put their bins out as normally scheduled. Any changes to the schedule or delay due to uncleared streets or any additional winter storms will be announced to the media and on Somerset County’s social media sites.

The Somerset County Recycling Division thanks residents for their patience and understanding.

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