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6/2/2021 - New Online Payment Service Provider Effective 6/23/21


Please take notice that effective 6/23/2021 the Borough is switching online payment service providers.

Our new provider will be Edmunds GovTech. Please do not use the Payment Service Network links after 6/11/2021 to avoid any potential payment issues.

We have been using Edmunds in the office for our tax and sewer account management and payment processing and we are excited to start utilizing their online portal.

The new portal will allow for more timely and accurate posting of payments. Another benefit would be the online look up of Tax and Sewer information in real time.

We hope you share our enthusiasm in the streamlining of what used to be a time consuming, confusing process.

If you have any questions please reach out to Dale Melville at 908-234-2250 ext.102.