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9/8/2021 - Swans Discovered

Swans Discovered

It is with regret that we inform you the Borough’s missing swans were found deceased in Bedminster. Our DPW was notified, retrieved the swans from Bedminster, and properly buried them. They appear to have died of natural causes unrelated to human interaction.

For the past few months, the swans have frequently left Liberty Park of their own accord. We caught and relocated them back to Liberty Park several times, but it is not possible to confine them to the park if they decide that they want to nest and forage elsewhere. We will certainly miss their graceful presence where they lived long lives and provided much joy to residents and visitors. Thank you to all who have spent time and effort to care for the swans over the years.

The renovation of Liberty Park will take place over the coming months and we will decide as a community, after the construction is completed, whether or not having new swans would be appropriate.