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9/8/2021 - Upcoming Liberty Park Construction Dates

Upcoming Liberty Park Construction Dates

The Borough is pleased to announce some groundbreaking news, quite literally. Following an August pre-construction meeting between Borough officials, contractors, and DPW staff, a timeline has been set for Liberty Park construction to begin on September 27.

This date was carefully selected to maintain full public access to Liberty Park for the bulk of the month, thus protecting key community events traditionally held in September and cherished by our residents: 9/11 Remembrance, Art in the Park (Sept. 19), and the Fire Dept’s Annual Car Show (Sept. 25).

The Liberty Park renovation work will be extensive and broken down into two phases: Autumn 2021 and Spring 2022. Autumn 2021 work will include infrastructure improvements, such as hardscaping, electrical, lighting, path restoration, arbor work, and the removal of Park Ave. Spring 2022 work will take advantage of premium nursery stock and favorable growing conditions for the extensive landscaping restoration and beautification work involving many attractive and precious plantings.

Please note that all efforts have been and will continue to be made to provide access to the walking paths in the park for all residents through the winter months and between the construction phases. Our contractor will work with the Borough to try to have pathways open after they have finished Phase 1. This will be done only if our contractor and the Borough can do so with the complete safety and security to all our residents.

It has been a long and complex process, but a beautiful Liberty Park is now within reach! For those who need a visual reminder of what awaits, please feel free to view the plans on display in the municipal building or reach out to us with any questions.