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3/14/2022 - Door-to-Door Scams-Peapack & Gladstone

Peapack & Gladstone Residents should be aware of several scams that have recently targeted our Borough. In recent days the Peapack & Gladstone Police Dept. have received reports of unsolicited paving companies approaching Borough homes offering to repave driveways. This is a common scam by dishonest pavers. These pavers do not apply for solicitation permits and will approach residents claiming to have extra materials from a nearby job. They often offer low prices or no price at all. After the work is completed, which is often shotty in nature, the homeowner will be presented with a much higher than agreed price. Other scams come in the form of individuals pretending to be Priests or Pastors at local churches asking that Parishioners purchase gift cards for those in need. The scammers will then ask that the card number be texted to the caller pretending to be the Priest or Pastor.

Before making any decisions please contact the Peapack & Gladstone Police and inquire if there are solicitors in the area and make sure to confirm email addresses or phone numbers of requests for donations. Often the email addresses and phone numbers are similar in nature to individuals known to the resident.

If you have any additional questions please contact the Peapack & Gladstone Police Dept. (908) 234-0626 Please see attached information from the NJ Dept. of Consumer Affairs.

Thomas A. Scanlon, MPA, RMC
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