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2/23/2023 - PG Open Gym Ends May 25, 2023

PG Open Gym has returned! The Borough Council has approved Open Gym on a trial basis – below are the days/ times. Because previous iterations had a myriad of issues, the new program will adhere to the following:
• Monitor on duty – rules to be posted (see below)
• Now through Memorial Day Weekend (2/21/23 - 5/25/23). If all goes well, returns after Labor Day.
Tuesdays – Thursdays (cohorts* schedule):
• Grades 9 – 12: 3PM – 4PM
• Grades 5 – 8: 4PM – 5PM
• Grades 1 – 4: 5PM – 6PM (a parent is required to be in gym)
Sunday Afternoons
• Open block 1PM – 4PM
• Allows family access
*Cohorts on weekdays to provide equal access to all kids based on bus returns to PG. Sunday will be a flexible block so families/ kids can attend. While, it’s understood families have siblings across cohorts, everyone must adhere to the weekday rules.
• Follow cohort schedule – Share the space - PG residents only - No private lessons - No baseball/ lacrosse/bikes/ skateboards - Stay off stage; No food or drink except water. NO ACCESS OUT OF HOURS OR COHORT (privileges may be lost)
Adult Program: we are planning weekday “mid-morning” open gym for adults ages 18+ - notification next week.