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3/10/2023 - Credit Card Scam

Credit Card Scam

March 10, 2023

Recently the Peapack & Gladstone Police Dept. have been made aware of several incidents of fraudulent charges on credit or debit cards at gas stations within the Borough. These incidents are not being reported to the police, they are being pointed out to the police department by uninvolved individuals that read it on various social media platforms
The Peapack & Gladstone Police Dept. urges victims of credit card fraud to make a report in person or over the phone rather than post about it on social media. Once an official police report is filed these incidents can be investigated.
Anyone who has used a credit or debit card to purchase gas within the last several months is asked to carefully review bank statements, as police believe that there are many more victims in this scam.
Additional victims are asked to contact the Peapack Gladstone Police at 908-234-0626, or file a report at police headquarters.