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2/3/2017 - Local Government Stewardship Application 2017


Since 1961, the Green Acres Program has funded the acquisition of open space for recreation and conservation purposes, and the development of outdoor recreational facilities. The Green Acres Program remains committed to preserving New Jersey’s natural resources statewide. We are pleased to be able to continue the tradition of partnering with municipal and county governments and nonprofit organizations to serve the people of our state.

The Preserve New Jersey Act (P.L. 2016, C12) provides funding for stewardship activities by local governments on lands held for public recreation and conservation purposes. The Act defines stewardship as “an activity, which is beyond routine operations and maintenance, undertaken by the State, a local government or qualifying tax exempt nonprofit organization to repair or restore lands acquired for recreation and conservation purposes for the purpose of enhancing or protecting those lands for recreation and conservation purposes.”

The application deadline for our next funding round is February 15, 2017. Projects will compete against each other, and successful applications will be approved by the Garden State Preservation Trust. Only one request will be considered from each local government. All interested applicants are encouraged to contact Green Acres as early as possible to discuss project eligibility and application procedures.

In developing this new funding program, Green Acres solicited input from local governments, nonprofits, and natural resource professionals. Based on these discussions, Green Acres has decided to focus our limited Stewardship funds on natural resource and conservation projects and not active recreation facilities. Local governments seeking to make improvements to recreation facilities (such as ballfields) may apply for Green Acres park development funding under the Green Acres Local Government Assistance Program. The application for those projects, also due on February 15, 2017, is available on our website at A local government can submit one application for Stewardship funding and, if desired, an application under the regular Green Acres Local Assistance Program for land acquisition or park development funding. Green Acres staff is available to discuss the various funding programs/options.

We anticipate approximately $700,000 in stewardship funds will be available this round. Stewardship awards will be in the form of a 50% matching grant, or a 75% matching grant for a project in an Urban Aid municipality. Minimum funding awards will be $50,000. Only projects with more than $100,000 in eligible costs will be considered. Applications can include proposed stewardship activities on up to 3 properties.