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8/20/2015 - Routine Fall Inspections on the JCP&L transmission lines to begin on, or about, Tuesday, August 25th

Please be advised that Haverfield plans to start performing Routine Fall Inspections on the JCP&L transmission lines (230 and 500 kV) beginning approximately Tuesday August 25th. The Routine Aerial Inspections in the JCP&L region typically require about 6 to7 days for completion, depending of course on weather conditions, as well as other scheduling needs. The helicopter will be flying slowly (20-30 mph) along the lines, and may hover at any time for a closer inspection. The helicopter scheduled for these patrols is a Black MD 500 w/red strips registration (tail) number N8330P. Please see attached photo for details.


It should be noted that the contractor has been authorized to patrol the transmission circuits in their entirety (i.e. "breaker-to-breaker"), so patrols on certain lines may therefore extend into the neighboring regions. The flight crew provides information on their daily location to both Transmission Lines Maintenance and the SCC, and the pilot will be in communication with any local airports when in their airspace.