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4/29/2016 - Borough Statement on the Police Staffing Report

April 29, 2016

Dear Residents and Property Owners of the Borough of Peapack & Gladstone,

Earlier this year, the Borough Council contracted for an analysis of the Staffing Requirements and Manpower Utilization of the Peapack & Gladstone Police Department. In the interest of fiduciary responsibility, the Council commissioned the report to obtain an objective, third-party substantiation of the Department’s request for additional resources.

The analysis was conducted by the former Police Chief and also Administrator of Belmar, NJ, Mr. Richard Lynch.  The report was prepared so as to provide an objective opinion on the staffing and assignments within our Police Department. Further, conducting such an analysis was endorsed by our Police Chief Gregory Skinner.

Mr. Lynch performed his due diligence from January through March, which included interviews with Chief Skinner, PBA President Owen Duff, (former) Administrator Hector Herrera and other members of our Police Department. Hard copies of the report were received this past week and immediately distributed to Mayor Muller, the Borough Council, Chief Skinner and PBA President Duff.

Shortly thereafter, word of the “Lynch Report” appeared on social media and in an article on The Bernardsville News website. Considering the intimate nature of our Borough, this was not at all surprising. Unfortunately, it appears that the publicity focused on three paragraphs towards the end of the report where Mr. Lynch suggested consideration of contracted Police Services with another community. The publicity neglected the bulk of the report which detailed Mr. Lynch’s analysis of Department staffing.

Because issues regarding our Police Department are so very important to our Residents and Property Owners, a copy of the report may be read by selecting the link below. Please be assured that the Borough Council, Police Committee and Police Department will work constructively together to address the report’s recommendations. Further, constructive public feedback is always welcome either in writing or by attendance at the regularly scheduled Borough Council meetings.

Police Department Staffing Analysis and Utilization of CurrentManpower Study


Bill Muller

William Muller



Mark A. Corigliano

Mark A. Corigliano

Chairman – Police Committee

Borough of Peapack & Gladstone