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7/18/2016 - The Mayor's Statement on School Funding

July 18, 2016

Recently, I have been contacted by aides to Governor Christie about various issues. This past Friday, I met with the Governor's representative here at town and he requested me to endorse the Governor's plan to change State-Funded school aid to all towns in New Jersey.

Presently, the State funds certain districts with a large amount of money (Abbott Districts) and therefore communities such as ours receive less funding. The creation of this Abbott funding plan was a result of a NJ Supreme Court decision and has been in place for several years.

The claim is made that the quality of education and the graduation rates have not changed in the Abbott Districts. At the same time the allegation is that some of these communities have diverted monies and bloated their municipal budgets.

There's no question that these ideas are debatable and good arguments will be advanced by both sides of the discussion. The Christie administration wants to put a question on the 2017 ballot to advance a constitutional amendment allocating State aid strictly on a per-student basis to every town in the State. Clearly, towns such as ours would see a great increase in aid, while some towns would see a major decrease.

As your Mayor, I joined this effort since it will have a major impact on taxes that our resident's would pay. For further information, please refer to the Governor's website for explanations and the effect on each town.


William Muller, Mayor