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10/18/2016 - Peapack Gladstone Police Blotter - 10/10/16 - 10/16/16

Peapack and Gladstone Incidents- Week of 10/10-10/16

Monday 10/10/16 4:20 PM - Police responded to Hunt Lane in Gladstone for a report of a suspicious person. Ofc. Potts and Cpl. Scanlon located a male going door to door and determined he was a solicitor. The individual was advised of the Borough’s ordinance regarding soliciting. He left the area without incident.

Tuesday 10/11/16 2:06 PM - Police stopped an individual for a speeding violation on Main Street. A check of the operator’s driver’s license showed that his driving privileges in New Jersey were revoked and there was a warrant in the amount of $2,500.00. Ofc. Dirk Sheasley placed the individual under arrest for the warrant out of Ocean Twp Municipal Court. He was processed and released.

Wednesday 10/12/16 9:26 AM - Police responded to a Peapack business for a report of suspicious persons. A witness informed officers that a week earlier he saw four males in a tan Saturn Vue enter the property. Three Hispanic males exited the vehicle and began to look at a large trailer and an Audi that were parked in the lot. A few minutes later, the men returned to the vehicle and left the lot. No further description was provided for the vehicle or involved individuals.

Wednesday 10/12/16 4:10 PM - Police reported a two car motor vehicle crash on Main Street near Highland Avenue. The rear-end crash resulted in minor damage and no summonses issued.

Wednesday 10/12/16 5:43 PM - Police reported a two car motor vehicle crash on Main Street near Holland Avenue. The crash resulted in extensive damage. No summonses were issued.

Thursday 10/13/16 10:36 PM - Police reported locating a vehicle on the Natirar Park ground after hours. Det. Paul Morris discovered the vehicle while patrolling the park. After speaking with the driver, it was determined that one of the passengers was in possession of marijuana. A 19 year old Lancaster, NY male was placed under arrest for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. A 19 year old female of Bedminster, a 19 year old male of Bridgewater, and a 19 year old female of Bernardsville were issued ordinance violations for entering the park after it was closed. All were processed and released.

Friday 10/14/16 11:08 PM - Police reported that they stopped a vehicle on Rt. 206 and upon checking the registered owner’s driver’s license it was determined she had a warrant out of East Orange Municipal Court. A 25 year old female of East Orange was arrested for the $89 warrant. She was processed and released.

Saturday 10/15/16 4:47 PM - Police reported that they located an individual fall down while walking on Peapack Road toward Main Street. The intoxicated individual was attempting to locate friends or family to pick him up. Police transported the 22 year old male to Far Hills Police Department where he was turned over to medical personnel. He was eventually able to locate a family member who responded to take custody.

Saturday 10/15/16 5:24 PM - Police reported that they located a female lying on the grass just off of Peapack Rd. The 35 year old was with her husband. The couple was transported to their Peapack residence.

Saturday 10/15/16 6:27 PM - Police reported that they stopped a vehicle with a number of passengers exceeding what was legally permitted. Cpl. Thomas Scanlon stopped the vehicle on Main St where he encountered nine individuals in a five person vehicle. Several of the passengers did not have safety belts on. Multiple summonses were issued to those individuals without safety belts.

Saturday 10/15/16 9:52 PM - Police reported that they responded to Rt. 206 near Pfizer Way for a report of a one car motor vehicle crash. A deer crossed in front of a vehicle heading northbound causing the collision. There was extensive damage to the vehicle.

Saturday 10/15/16 10:54 PM - Police responded to a Main Street residence for a noise complaint. Upon arriving officers verified that the music, coming from a Bedminster Twp home, was indeed loud. Bedminster Twp Police were contacted and asked to speak with the resident in their town. The music was subsequently lowered.

Sunday 10/16/16 12:00 AM - Police reported that they were requested to respond into Far Hills to Moorland Farms for a report of a missing female. Cpl. Thomas Scanlon responded with a Thermal Imaging camera to assist in locating the woman. After searching it was determined she was not on the grounds.

Sunday 10/16/16 6:58 PM - Police reported that they responded to Rt. 206 near Holland Avenue for a report of a two car motor vehicle crash. The rear end crash cause damage to both vehicles. There were no injuries and no summonses were issued.