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1/17/2017 - Peapack Gladstone Police Blotter - 1/9/17 - 1/15/17

Peapack and Gladstone Incidents- Week of 1/9/17-1/15/17

Monday 1/9/17 11:24 PM - Police responded to the area of Rt. 206 at the request of Chester Twp Police to assist with locating an elderly male who suffers from dementia. Officers were advised that the male had walked out of his residence and his whereabouts were unknown. While officers were checking the area they were informed that the Chester Twp resident had returned home safely.

Tuesday 1/10/17 11:28 AM - Police reported that they arrested a 38 year old Livingston man for being in possession of marijuana. Det. Paul Morris conducted a motor vehicle stop on a vehicle for speeding on Holland Avenue. It was discovered that the male was in possession of marijuana. He also had a warrant out of Readington Twp Municipal Court. The male was arrested, processed, and released.

Wednesday 1/11/17 4:37 PM - An officer in the area of Main St in Peapack witnessed what was believed to be a fire in a dumpster behind a business. Cpl. Tom Scanlon saw black smoke coming from the area of the dumpster. The Peapack-Gladstone Fire Department was dispatched. Further investigation into the smoke showed that there was a cleaning company power-washing appliance hoods. It was determined that the run off from the cleaning chemicals and the grease flowed into a nearby storm drain. The Somerset County Hazmat Unit responded to assess the spill. The DEP was also notified. A hazardous materials clean-up company was contacted and came to properly remove the grease/chemicals from the affected area.

Thursday 1/12/17 5:34 PM - Police reported a two car motor vehicle crash on Rt. 206 in the area of Pottersville Rd. The collision occurred when one of the vehicles did not stop in time and struck the rear of the other vehicle. There were no injuries as a result of the crash. Both vehicles had moderate damage and one was towed from the scene.

Thursday 1/12/17 11:17 PM - Officers responded to a Gladstone residence for a report of a bat in the home. Ofc. Dirk Sheasley was able to catch the bat and released it outside the home uninjured.

Friday 1/13/17 7:52 AM - Police reported that they responded to a Peapack business for a report of a 50 year old woman experiencing a cardiac episode. Officers placed the victim on oxygen and monitored vitals until the Peapack-Gladstone First Aid Squad arrived. The female was transported to Morristown Medical Center for further evaluation.

Friday 1/13/17 6:55 PM - Ofc. Adam Caruso located a vehicle with an open trunk while conducting a security check of the Gladstone Train Station. Caruso secured the trunk and was able to make contact with the vehicle owner who advised that she forgot to close the trunk prior to boarding the train.

Saturday 1/14/17 3:22 AM - Police responded to a Peapack residence for a medical alarm. Officer Adam Caruso made entry to the home when no one responded to knocks at the door and repeated calls inside. Ofc. Caruso located the resident upstairs. The elderly female had fallen and suffered a laceration to her head. Ofc. Caruso rendered aid to help with the bleeding. Far Hills/Bedminster First Aid Squad arrived and transported the victim to Morristown Medical Center.

Saturday 1/14/17 4:24 PM - Police reported that at the request of Bedminster Twp Police, they responded to Hamilton Farms Golf Club for a burglar alarm. Cpl. Owen Duff spoke with employees of the Club and was informed that the area where the alarm was activated was currently under construction and that the activation was accidental.

Sunday 1/15/17 3:50 PM - Police reported that they were called to the Essex Hunt Club for damage to a motor vehicle. Cpl. Owen Duff spoke with a Club employee who informed him that a member’s vehicle had one of the windshield wipers bent. There have been multiple instances of this occurring over the past couple of months.