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2/28/2017 - Peapack Gladstone Police Blotter - 2/20/17 - 2/26/17

Peapack and Gladstone Incidents - Week of 2/20/17-2/26/17

Monday 2/20/17 1:24 AM - Police stopped a vehicle for speeding on Rt. 206. Det. Anthony Damiano detected the odor of marijuana coming from within the vehicle while speaking with the two occupants. Damiano saw a plastic bag containing greenish-brown vegetation on the floor in the backseat. Subsequent search of the vehicle yielded marijuana, paraphernalia, as well as pills suspected as being MDMA (Ecstacy). Police arrested a 31 year old female of Somerset for Possession of CDS (3rd Degree), Possession of Less Than 50 Grams of Marijuana, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. She was also issued motor vehicle summonses for Possession of CDS in a Motor Vehicle and Failure to Wear a Seatbelt. A 30 year old male of Springfield, NJ was issued motor vehicle summonses for Speeding (74/50) and Failure to Wear a Seatbelt. The female was processed and released.

Tuesday 2/21/17 1:01 PM - A Gladstone resident reported to Police that one of her cats had been shot with a pellet gun. This was the second time one of her animals had been shot over the past few months. Police contacted the NJ SPCA who in turn are offering a reward for information on the identification/arrest/prosecution of any involved individuals. Contact the NJ SPCA at 800-582-5979 or the Peapack and Gladstone Police Department at 908-234-0626.

Tuesday 2/21/17 10:23 PM - Police, along with the Peapack-Gladstone First Aid Squad, responded to a Gladstone residence for a report of an 80 year old female experiencing difficulty breathing. Upon arrival, Police were informed that the victim was now experiencing chest pains. The victim was placed on oxygen and monitored until the arrival of the PG First Aid Squad, who transported the female to Morristown Medical Center.

Wednesday 2/22/17 2:10 PM - Police, along with the Peapack-Gladstone First Aid Squad, responded to a Peapack residence for a report of an eye injury. The victim was exercising at the time she experienced a visual effect. The PG First Aid Squad arrived and transported the victim to Morristown Medical Center for further evaluation.

Wednesday 2/22/17 3:18 PM - Police reported that they responded to Liberty Park for a report of a suspicious person/vehicle. The caller stated that a male seated in a car appeared to be watching her and her children. Officers located the vehicle and male seated in the driver seat. The male explained that he was reading texts and making a phone call and did not want to drive while doing so.

Thursday 2/23/17 5:29 PM - Police reported a 2 car rear-end motor vehicle crash on Rt. 206 near Holland Avenue. As the front vehicle stopped for a red signal, the rear vehicle failed to stop in time and struck the front vehicle. There was minor damage to the rear vehicle, the front vehicle had moderate damage. There were no injuries and no summonses were issued.

Sunday 2/26/17 4:35 AM - Police responded to a Peapack residence for a lift assist. The 92 year old male had knelt down and was unable to stand back up. Cpl. Owen Duff assisted by helping the victim back to his feet. The elderly male was not injured.