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4/11/2017 - Peapack Gladstone Police Blotter - 4/3/17 - 4/9/17

Peapack and Gladstone Incidents- Week of 4/3/17-4/9/17

Tuesday 4/4/17 3:33 PM - A Gladstone resident reported to Police that items were stolen from her residence. According to the victim, various personal items went missing when they were moved to another residence. The value of items taken were estimated at $23,000.00. An investigation is ongoing into the matter.

Wednesday 4/5/17 11:17 AM - Officers, along with the Peapack-Gladstone Fire Department, responded to a report of a car fire on Main Street near the Gladstone Train Station. Police arrived to find the engine fire had been extinguished. The vehicle operator told officers that he saw smoke and flames under the hood, pulled over, and used a fire extinguisher to put the flames out. PG Fire checked to ensure there was no further fire emergency. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

Wednesday 4/5/17 1:16 PM - Police, along with the Peapack-Gladstone First Aid Squad, were dispatched to a Peapack business for a female with a back injury. The victim was exiting an elevator when she turned in a manner which yielded sharp pain in her back. The PG First Aid Squad arrived and transported the victim to Morristown Medical Center for further evaluation.

Wednesday 4/5/17 7:36 PM - Police reported that they responded to the area of Rt. 206 and Holland Avenue for a report of a “man down.” The Peapack-Gladstone First Aid Squad was also dispatched. The caller informed responding parties that a male in a white pick-up truck was passed out behind the wheel for three cycles of the traffic light. The female caller advised dispatchers that she knocked on the window and the male did not respond. Cpl. Thomas Scanlon arrived and spoke with the caller who told him that the vehicle had driven southbound on Rt. 206 prior to his arrival. Police checked the area for the vehicle, but were unable to locate it.

Wednesday 4/5/17 7:44 PM - Officers, along with the Peapack-Gladstone First Aid Squad, were dispatched to a Gladstone residence for a report of an elderly woman who was disoriented. The patient was evaluated and transported to Morristown Medical Center by the PG First Aid Squad.

Thursday 4/6/17 7:41 AM - Police reported a two car motor vehicle crash in the intersection of Rt. 206 and Pottersville Rd. One vehicle sustained moderate damage to the passenger side. The other vehicle had very little damage to the rear of the vehicle. There were no injuries and no summonses were issued. Both vehicles were driven from the scene.

Thursday 4/6/17 9:58 AM - Officers responded to a Peapack address for a follow up on an animal complaint made by Bernard’s Twp Animal Control. Police were informed that a resident was feeding feral cats and harboring them inside an RV on the property. Cpl. Thomas Scanlon found that there was no RV on the property. Cpl. Scanlon advised the resident that there is no violation as the Borough does not have an ordinance preventing the feeding of feral animals. Bernard’s Twp Animal Control was notified.

Thursday 4/6/17 10:49 AM - While conducting a security check of the Peapack Train Station, Cpl. Thomas Scanlon observed a vehicle parked in the lot with an open sun roof. Due to the fact that it was raining, Cpl. Scanlon located a piece of cardboard and plastic and was able to cover the open roof. Attempts to locate the vehicle owner were unsuccessful.

Thursday 4/6/17 2:34 PM - Police reported that they responded to Jonah Court for a found dog. The dog belonged to a resident on Highland Avenue. The dog was returned to the residence where it was secured.

Thursday 4/6/17 3:21 PM - Police were contacted again for a loose dog on Jonah Court. Officers found that the dog was the same one that was returned earlier. A resident on Jonah Court informed officers that he would keep the dog and return it to the owner when she returned home that evening.

Thursday 4/6/17 11:27 PM - Police reported that they assisted Bedminster Twp Police on a traffic stop/warrant arrest off of Rt. 206 into Chester Twp. Det. Anthony Damiano stood by until another Bedminster Twp officer arrived.

Friday 4/7/17 4:19 AM - Det. Damiano responded into Far Hills Borough to assist Far Hills Police with a search of a motor vehicle. Det. Damiano stood by for safety reasons while the search was conducted.

Friday 4/7/17 7:38 AM - Officers responded to the area of Mendham Rd near St. Bernard’s Rd for a report of protesters. Ofc. Adam Caruso located the individuals who explained that they were protesting the lack of union employees being used to construct a new building at Gill St. Bernard’s School. The individuals were permitted to remain as they were not causing any problems or trespassing.

Friday 4/7/17 7:46 AM - Police reported that they responded to Jonah Court for a found dog. The dog, which had been found wandering away from its home multiple times, was transported to Police HQ where Bernard’s Twp Animal Control was contacted. Animal Control arrived just as the individual responsible for caring for the dog arrived. Custody of the dog was eventually turned over to the pet-sitter.

Friday 4/7/17 10:53 PM - Officers responded to a Peapack address for a report of a possible wanted person. The caller told Det. Paul Morris that she saw a person, wanted for fraud out of New York, who she believed to be her neighbor. Det. Morris conducted various checks of the individual and determined that he was not the person was out of New York.

Saturday 4/8/17 6:07 PM - Police reported that they were dispatched to Natirar Park for burglary to multiple vehicles. Police found that two vehicles had rear windows broken and items were taken from the vehicles. Dispatch informed officers that similar incidents had been reported in surrounding towns around this time. Police ask that anyone with any knowledge of these car burglaries contact Peapack and Gladstone Police at 908-234-0626.

Saturday 4/8/17 10:06 PM - Det. Paul Morris responded into Far Hills Borough to assist officers with a narcotics investigation. Det. Morris transported one of the individuals to his residence in Peapack once the investigation was complete.

Sunday 4/9/17 11:57 AM - Police, Peapack-Gladstone Fire, and Peapack-Gladstone First Aid responded to a building on Main Street near Mendham Rd for a possible structure fire. Ofc. Adam Caruso arrived on location and spoke with a female who works at a store in the building where the fire was reported. The female explained that she heard a loud noise followed by seeing smoke and flames. Ofc. Caruso obtained the fire extinguisher from his vehicle and extinguished a small fire. A lamp, table, and part of a rug sustained fire damage. The Peapack-Gladstone Fire Department arrived an ensured that the fire had been extinguished. The PG Fire Department then ventilated the building which had filled with smoke. There were no injuries reported.