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5/3/2017 - Peapack Gladstone Police Blotter - 4/24/17 - 4/30/17

Peapack and Gladstone Incidents - Week of 4/24/17 - 4/30/17

Monday 4/24/17 7:37 AM - Police received a call regarding an open door at a church in Gladstone. Officer Richard Potts responded and conducted a search of the building. There appeared to be nothing missing or suspicious. Proper notifications were made and the door was secured.

Monday 4/24/17 8:22 AM - A Gladstone resident reported items missing from her home. Police were informed that various billing statements along with other items have gone missing from the home. An investigation into the matter is ongoing.

Tuesday 4/25/17 3:30 PM - Police reported that they responded to the Delta gas station for a report of a theft. According to workers, an individual was provided $20 in gasoline and left without paying. The attendant was able to get a license plate of the vehicle. Cpl. Thomas Scanlon was able to locate the vehicle owner who informed him that it was an error on his part as he and his passenger thought the other had paid for the gas. The vehicle owner returned and paid for the gas. There were no charges filed.

Wednesday 4/26/17 6:47 PM - Police received a call from Plainfield Police Department advising that they arrested an individual on a warrant out of Peapack and Gladstone Municipal Court. The warrant for $500 was issued in 2015. Officers responded to Plainfield PD and took custody of a 27 year old male from Flushing, NY. He was unable to post bail and was transported to Somerset County Jail where he was lodged.

Wednesday 4/26/17 1:31 PM - Police, along with the Peapack-Gladstone First Aid Squad, responded to a Peapack business for a report of an individual with an altered mental status. The 55 year old male was in the care of medical staff upon arrival. The Peapack-Gladstone First Aid Squad transported the victim to Morristown Medical Center for further evaluation.

Thursday 4/27/17 1:34 PM - Police, along with the Peapack-Gladstone Fire Department, responded to Pine Meadow Lane for a report of a gas leak. Workers struck a gas line which caused the leak. Officers set up a perimeter around the leak. PSE&G arrived shortly after and repaired the leak.

Friday 4/28/17 10:22 AM - Det. Anthony Damiano responded to a Peapack business to assist a psychological screener from RJWS- Barnabas with an individual experiencing psychological issues. Once the screening was completed, Det. Damiano transported the individual to RWJS- Barnabas for further evaluation at the request of the screener.

Friday 4/28/17 12:15 PM - Police reported that a bus driver for the Somerset Hills School District came to Police HQ to report an individual passing her bus as she was picking up a student. According to the driver, a white male in a commercial truck drove passed her as the emergency stop lights were activated. The incident was recorded on a dash-camera in her bus. The video was turned over the Police. A summons is pending the identification of the vehicle operator.

Friday 4/28/17 7:30 PM - Police were dispatched to a Gladstone residence for a noise complaint. According to the caller, athletic events from adjacent fields have been causing problems. The matter was documented as requested by the complainant.

Saturday 4/29/17 - The Peapack and Gladstone Police Department in conjunction with the DEA conducted Operation Take-Back. The program affords New Jersey residents the opportunity to rid their homes of their unused, unwanted, and expired medicine. Peapack and Gladstone residents contributed 35 lbs of medication.

Saturday 4/29/17 1:18 PM - Police reported a 2 car motor vehicle crash on Main Street in the area of Willow Avenue. A Peapack resident struck a parked vehicle causing damage to the parked vehicle’s bumper. The vehicles sustained minor damage. There were no injuries nor were any summonses issued.

Sunday 4/30/17 12:31 PM - Police, along with the Peapack-Gladstone First Aid Squad, responded to a Peapack business for a report of a juvenile experiencing psychological problems. The caller advised that the juvenile was striking people and yelling. Det. Anthony Damiano responded, assisted in convincing the juvenile to go to the hospital, and followed the PG First Aid Squad to RWJS- Barnabas for safety reasons.

Sunday 4/30/17 10:16 PM - Cpl. Thomas Scanlon located a vehicle parked on Main Street with its headlights on. The vehicle was unoccupied. Attempts were made to locate the owner, but were unsuccessful. As the doors to the vehicle were unlocked, Cpl. Scanlon was able to shut the lights off and secure the door.

Monday 5/1/17 11:02 AM - Police reported the arrest of a Gladstone man for multiple criminal and traffic warrants. The 27 year old male was arrested for a “No-Bail” warrant out of the Somerset County Superior Court. He was found in the Municipal Building and was placed under arrest. He became disorderly, shouted profanities, and threatened officers throughout processing. The man was transported to the Somerset County Jail where he was lodged until his Court date.