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6/13/2017 - Peapack Gladstone Police Blotter - 6/5/17 - 6/11/17

Peapack and Gladstone Incidents- Week of 6/5/17-6/11/17

Monday 6/5/17 11:14 AM - Police reported that they responded to a Gladstone business for a report of damage to an air-conditioning unit. The unit appeared to have been pulled from the mount on the exterior of the building. The vandalism occurred between 10 PM Sunday 6/4 and Monday morning. Estimated damage to the unit was several thousand dollars.

Monday 6/5/17 5:35 PM - Officers responded to a Peapack residence for a dispute between two juveniles. The two children had exchanged remote controllers for a video game console and one of the juveniles was refusing to return the controller. Police spoke with both parties and they agreed to return the remotes to the rightful owner.

Monday 6/5/17 11:14 PM - While on a motor vehicle stop for an un-related violation, Det. Anthony Damiano located fireworks in the vehicle. The package was discovered on the rear driver’s side floor. The operator of the vehicle explained that the fireworks were purchased in Pennsylvania. After explaining the penalties for being in possession of fireworks in New Jersey, the driver voluntarily surrendered the package.

Tuesday 6/6/17 10:59 PM - Police, along with the Peapack-Gladstone Fire Department and First Aid Squad, were dispatched to Natirar for a report of a motor vehicle crash with injury. The vehicle was driven by a Phillipsburg man. The vehicle drove off the driveway, down an embankment, and struck a tree. The driver refused medical attention. There were no summonses issued.

Wednesday 6/7/17 5:58 PM - Police reported a theft of a power washer from a Gladstone business. The power washer had last been seen about one week earlier. It was being stored in an unlocked shed in the rear of the business. Police ask that if anyone has any information on the incident that you call 908-234-0626.

Wednesday 6/7/17 8:35 PM - Police were called to a Gladstone residence for a report of a suspicious incident/vehicle. Officers were told that the incident happened about six hours prior to the call. The female caller told them that a white male with black hair in his 30’s approached a group of juveniles while they were walking home. The male repeatedly asked the juveniles if they had dropped money, even after they stated that they had not. Eventually the male returned to his gray vehicle, described as looking like an “undercover police car,” and left the area. Police ask that if anyone has any information on this incident or similar incidents that you please contact 908-234-0626.

Thursday 6/8/17 11:33 PM - Police reported a one vehicle crash on Rt. 206 at Holland Avenue. A tractor-trailer was southbound on Rt. 206 when the driver applied the brakes. The vehicle began to skid westbound, slide off the roadway, and strike a utility pole. It then returned to the roadway, heading eastbound, where it jack-knifed into the northbound lane of Rt. 206. The Peapack-Gladstone Fire Department and the Peapack-Gladstone First Aid Squad responded to the crash scene as well. The driver was transported to Morristown Medical Center for an injury.

Friday 6/9/17 3:22 PM - Police responded to Mosle Rd for a report of property damage. A school bus and a van had reportedly passed by one another on a narrow portion of the roadway. The bus driver claimed that the van struck her side mirror and continued down Mosle Rd. The bus was equipped with a dash-camera. The footage failed to capture the license plate or any other identifying information from the van. There were no injuries as a result of the impact between the two vehicles.