Zoning & Rental Registration Office

Over the past few decades, the number of rentals within the Borough has been increasing. While most landlords have been conscientious about making certain that the units they rent are safe, provide basic services such as potable water, and are in compliance with our zoning regulations, there have been some situations where this has not been the case.

As an example of what could happen, several years ago a fire broke out in a local business, and it was discovered that there were nearly a dozen people living in their attic (with no fire escape and only a single means of egress).

To address these concerns, on February 14, 2017 the Borough Council Enacted Ordinance 2017-1029 which requires all rentals to be issued a Rental Certificate (RC) by the Borough. The application for the RC triggers an automatic inspection covering fire, zoning, building safety and other factors. Landlords in compliance will receive an RC and those that are not in compliance will have to remediate the situation, or terminate the illegal rental. Fines for non-compliance, or failing to file for an RC, are significant and repeat offenders can be fined up to $2,000 a day, in addition to civil penalties covering the cost of the relocation of tenants.

If you currently rent a room, unit, apartment, attic, house, etc., please complete and return an RC application to the above address as soon as possible. If you no longer have a rental property within the Borough please inform us in writing.

The Zoning & Rental Registration Office is located in the Construction Office.

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